Guitar innovation from Jimi – Spanish Castle Magic – YouTube

Jimi’s composition technique includes some great jazz-like and classical-like chromatic concepts. Guitar innovation at its best.

Not to mention the musical quote from “Phantom Of The Opera”. Jimi’s compositions were extraordinary, in addition to his guitar skills. Spanish Castle MagicĀ is a particularly unique composition as well as a great vehicle for his prodigious guitar skills. The lyrics were inspired by Jimi’s high school days, when he regularly visited a roadhouse called The Spanish Castle. The song features Noel Redding playing an eight-string Hagstrom bass through an Octavia effects unit, which Hendrix later overdubbed using the same bass. Hendrix also overdubbed some jazz chords on piano, which he had heard sound engineer Eddie Kramer playing. Spanish Castle Magic is one of the few songs from Axis: Bold as Love that Hendrix regularly performed in concert.

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