Mike Crutcher, Guitarist / Vocalist / Arranger / Instructor

A brief look at Mike Crutcher’s career will show that he is a quintessential guitarist and teacher. Unmatched and in a league of his own, his twenty+ year career includes training at Berklee College of Music and UMass. Lowell, as well as with collaboration with diverse artists such as Soul City, Dave Anthony Orchestra, The Mike Fritz Band, Flipside, Unity, Soul Inspiration, Gary And The Gang, Gumbo Diablo, Mojo Mambo, and his own New Orleans funk tribute project Trick Bag, performing anything from bebop jazz, swing, blues, funk, R&B, rock and roll, and everything in between.

He continues to make himself available for all aspects of the music world. Private lessons, performances, recordings, sessions, etc. Feel free to send a message through the Contact page to inquire.