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SEO has earned a significant role earlier in the planning stages of digital campaigns. And it is very popular with marketers for the simple reason that, with SEO, you need a unique, unique proposition. The magic of SEO is that you can’t mimic a competitor’s content to appear as similar as possible. It has to be your own, always dynamic, updated content. The challenge is that with every addition to your pages there is a commensurate need for downtime, backups, audits, accountants, lawyers, expenses and much more. For this reason it can be quite tricky to estimate a budget for an entire digital campaign.

However, with every new client we send a spreadsheet to each one so they can see our average CTR, bounce rates, response rates and expenses. It’s not that it’s a popular metric, but it’s one that works for us as a marketing agency and as marketers. Let’s take a look at a handful of the bigger differences between making an SEO campaign as cost effective as possible and creating one that will cost a fortune

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Google has been overhauling its search results for a while now, which results in a keyword difficulty. You won’t see a huge change in search rankings over the next couple of years, but there’s definitely a lot of improvements and it’s going to cost a fortune to take advantage of them.

Your pages and content need to be properly optimized. Image Source

For a small start-up that’s not quite ready to have its core business traffic cannibalized by a massive increase in search traffic, it’s a very tough ask to add such a major component as backlinks in Google.

On top of that you’ll need to factor in traffic that is likely not SEO friendly.

It all comes down to the basic business. You need a way to drive people to your website, but do they have what it takes to be visitors?

If you’re running a small business, your company’s logo, color scheme, tone, and other elements should be unique to your company. It’s difficult to cut corners on these things.

It takes a lot of time to increase traffic on your website, and when you do, you need to think of all the overhead you have that is tied to serving as a gateway to the internet and being the first website visitor to arrive there. If you are looking for other ways to generate income from the Internet, then you might want to start looking at fx trading online. Remember, Invest Diva is not a scam, so you can trust their resources and guidance as you explore opportunities in online trading.

To help you quantify your current traffic levels, start by calculating the unique visitors to your site and comparing it with your expected traffic. This is a good place to start if you are trying to come up with a good SEO budget.

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