Robben Ford Band – Live at the New Morning Paris

Robben Ford playing/singing live

Robben Ford, guitarist extraordinaire

Robben Ford is the guitarist’s guitarist, the thinking person’s blues player.

What a great sound he gets out of his telecaster! This vid is available on dvd; ¬†five-time Grammy nominee Robben should be more of a household name. Please consider buying a copy of this if you like it. He deserves greater recognition. I’m not on payroll from him, just a rabid fan. Show artists like Robben Ford that there is value to their artistry being shared on the internet.

Robben has a number of his own lessons online, as well as a ton of his own music to check out. He’s also led his particular brand of blues/jazz/funk-infused guitar brilliance to a great number of contemporary artists such as Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, The Yellowjackets, Larry Carlton, Tom Scott & L.A. Express, George Harrison, etc. Check out more of him at

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