Jazz & Classical Guitar Meet!

September 16

Coincidentally enough, two of the greatest practitioners of jazz on the classical guitar were born on this date. In addition to this similarity both Byrd and Klugh were noted for styles that used latin rhythms extensively.

Happy Birthday, Earl Klugh! [1954] 

Earl Klugh is an American jazz guitarist and composer. In 2006 Modern Guitar magazine wrote that Klugh is considered by many to be one of the finest acoustic guitar players today. Klugh has recorded over 30 albums including 23 Top Ten charting records—five of them No. 1—on Billboard’s Jazz Album chart. With 2008’s The Spice of Life, Klugh earned his most noteworthy 12th career Grammy nomination—his second nomination and release on the independent Koch label.

Earl Klugh

Earl Klugh, one of the finest acoustic guitar players today. Click the image for more of his music

Happy Birthday, Charlie Byrd ! [1925]

Charlie Lee Byrd (September 16, 1925 – December 2, 1999) was an American guitarist. His earliest and strongest musical influence was most noteworthy Django Reinhardt, the gypsy guitarist. Byrd’s best known association was with Brazilian music, especially bossa nova. In 1962, Byrd collaborated with Stan Getz on the album Jazz Samba, a recording which consequently brought bossa nova into the mainstream of North American music.

Byrd played fingerstyle on a classical guitar.

Charlie Byrd

Charlie Byrd, best known for his fingerstyle jazz and pioneering work in Bossa Nova. Select the image to hear more of his music.

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